Parcul Rozelor

Tuesday, 19 september 2023

17:00 - 18:00 Handing over GOWNS to graduates at the Graduation Corner

Note1 If you can't reach it, ask a colleague to pick it up for you.

Note 2 If your gown was not picked up during the specified time frame, don't worry. You'll be able to collect it before the Ceremony, also from the Graduation Corner (see its location on the map).

17:00 Access to the park for all participants
17:00 - 18:00Access to the Beauty Corner for graduates (we have mirrors and hairpins)
17:30 - 18:30 Photo Shoot with parents and guests at the VIP Photo Corner
17:30 - 18:30 Photo Shoots at the Photo Booths
17:30 - 18:30 Photo Shoots at the 360 Video Booths
18:30 Commencement of the Graduation Ceremony
20:00 Throwing of caps, confetti show & fireworks
20:00 - 21:00 Collection of ROBES from graduates at the Graduation Corner


Graduate Guide

Announcement of the Roll Call

Step 1

– Students will ascend the stage from the left side (as you face the stage).

Step 2

– Students will exit the stage from the right side (as you face the stage).

Step 3

–Immediately after stepping off the stage, students will pause at the Photo Corner, set up near the stage.
**Here, you have the opportunity to take a photo in your complete graduation attire, showcasing the Graduation Certificate received.

Step 4

– After taking the photograph at the Photo Corner, each graduate will return to their assigned seat.

Seating Arrangements

NOTE - The number on the list matches the number on the seat.


1Ajbar Oussama
2Al weslati Anis
3Arous Yosra
4Ben lahsen Nairouz
5Ben Mahmoud Rym
6Bento Mélanie
7Boukour Abdellah
8Chaibi Rania
9Channouf Malek
10Daly Oumeima
11Dhaou Anes
12Douib Linda
13El Moussati Ouassim
14Ellili Salma
15Ghezouti Safae
16Hadj Ali Chaima
17Hansabi Tasnim
18Lazraq Ismail
19Sabbah Mohamed ali
20Sanchez Veronica
21Sellami Dorra
22Tliba Amine
23Wifak Fadwa
24Zaiter Sarah
25Zenati Rania


1Ahmadi Maissa
2Bahri Yesmine
3Ben Khemais Sami
4Bessaid Zouaoui Cyrine
5Boujbel Yassine
6Bouricha Feriel
7Bouyekhf Nada
8Dhaoui Skander
9Doufik Wiam
10El mchachti El amine
11El Yousfi Maryem
12Fendri Salima
13Gargoura Sara
14Gritli Farah
15Hani Rania
16Hmida Dalia
17Krifa Rania
18Labidi Emna
19Metoui Amir
20Tajouri Aziz
21Tanboura Youssef
22Wissal Riahi
23Zayneb Derouich